Statutory audit

With more and more changes to financial regulations occurring, audit remains an important process to ensure trust and maintain ethical standards.

Mazars will always provide:

  • A focused approach to the audit
  • The skills that are relevant to your industry sector
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • An effective control structure
  • Analysis of the most complex accounting processes in an economic context
  • Every assignment will be overseen by the partner in charge who is totally responsible to the client. This partner will always be your main contact point within Mazars.
  • Ongoing communication with your company and management is part of our approach. We want you to be totally informed and in control of all the stages during our assignment so that you have the opportunity to ask questions or make adjustments in the process whenever you deem necessary.

Mazars will verify that your accounting and financial information is consistent and transparent. Our teams of specialists will focus on the specific needs of your industry (your strategy, operations and finances) because our objective is to establish long-term working relationships.


Does your organization need technical support on the onset of increasing accounting standard requirements? We will make sure that your year-end financial information meets accounting principles generally accepted in Venezuela (VEN-NIF) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). To meet these requirements we will provide:

  • Annual audits
  • Limited reviews of intermediary agreements
  • Analyses of complex accounting situations
  • A country and industry-specific approach


We have specific technical expertise in many complex areas of financial reporting such as:

  • Accounting of financial instruments and optimal hedging structures
  • IFRS
  • Narrative reporting

We can also provide experienced technical trainers to conduct tailored courses to guide your finance teams through the complexities of VEN-NIF or IFRS requirements.