Internal control

Because of our prominent market presence and our involvement with entities that establish international accounting standards, we have insights on changes in accounting regulations at a very early start.

We can provide the assistance to achieve or improve proper governance and aid you in developing your Internal and Audit Controls by:

  • Structuring your activity
  • Providing operational audits and process optimization
  • Providing specialized consultants
  • Drafting operational procedures
  • Evaluating internal audit functions


We can improve risk management by:

  • Mapping risks
  • Processing risks
  • Brainstorming action plans


Would you like an insight into your business operations to minimize future risks? We can help by installing management and administration systems. We help you comply with these regulations through:

  • Training
  • Project management
  • Assessment of internal controls
  • Creating and implementing internal control frameworks
  • Establishing internal control reports
  • Etc.

We can call on the local expertise of our global, integrated partnership at any time.


We have developed our own risk-based approach to internal audit.

We can review your internal audit function, assess its efficiency and refine it to suit your business needs.

You can choose the level of input you need from us - we can work as your external consultants or alongside your in-house team.