Independent assurance & reviews

Confident decision-making fuelled by reliable information and processes

Reliable and credible information is high on stakeholders’ agendas, particularly in today’s world where data is widely available. Independent assurance provides confidence in the subject matter of that assurance engagement.

In addition to statutory audits, we perform a wide range of assurance engagements to help you meet regulatory requirements, ensure transparency and enhance stakeholder engagement.

Our approach 

We perform independent assurance engagements which offer expert opinions on different areas of business performance and information. These opinions meet the requirements of international professional standards and enhance credibility and respond to the needs of stakeholders for greater transparency. 

Mazars can perform a wide range of assurance reviews, on diverse areas including: 

  • Internal controls.
  • Corporate culture.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption.
  • Data privacy or security.
  • Non-financial disclosures included in corporate reports in line with local regulatory requirements.

These enable organisations to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement through increased transparency, and gain competitive advantage with customers, investors, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • Enhance internal decision-making processes with more accurate and reliable information.

We can work with you to help you identify what level of assurance fits your needs, the expectations of your stakeholders, and the requirements of relevant reporting frameworks.

Our tools & solutions 

Our teams apply consistent methodologies developed in compliance with international professional standards and follow our firm-wide independence and quality assurance policies, including some widely recognised and award-winning tools developed internally in collaboration with leading organisations.

Our people

Our global team of professionals has a combined background in financial reporting and accounting knowledge with expertise in communications, engineering, science and operations. For each assignment we put together bespoke teams including experts from different backgrounds, with strong corporate, financial reporting and accounting knowledge and sustainability topics as well as industry specialists to meet your needs.

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